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Writing a thesis paper: what to include in the appendix

The appendix is a supplemental addition to your thesis that can supply your reader with additional study information. Inclusion is important so that students who want to do further research (or even those who wish to replicate yours) can get more information on your source and data materials.

Typically, the appendix should be included after your References and Work Cited pages. But check with your department requirements for the specific formatting and placement guidelines that you should be following.

Materials to Include

There are many materials that can be included in the appendix. Some examples include:

The typical order recommended is dependent on how data is introduced within your thesis. If that meets the requirements of your formatting guidelines set forth by your department, follow that layout to make access easier for the reader.

Media Files

Media files are increasingly becoming the go-to for resources in large research projects. Video interviews, documentaries and other professional video files are a great tool to use while researching your topic. But how do you include them in your thesis?

To give proper credit, you always want to cite and source the videos that you used to get to your conclusion. But you also need to take that one step further and include the file information in your appendix. This is so others can access that information if they are interested in further research or if they would like to use it for their own purposes.

In the appendix, list video files as a source and include where they can be accessed. Sometimes, you may consider including a digital file if your department is open to that as an option. At the very least, you should include a link and instructions as to where you located the information.

The same is true for audio files. Whether you access them via the internet or through another source, you need to share how they can be accessed so that your audience can find them if they wish to do so.

Appendix Options

Your thesis can include on appendix or many. Depending on the different types of sources you utilized for your research, you may consider having a separate appendix for the different file types – video, audio, tables, graphs, etc.

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