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How to write a dissertation proposal in 2 weeks

The dissertation as a whole is a very difficult essay to write and also the most important. So important that it is usually the most expensive paper to have written by online essay service and rightfully so. The dissertation is basically your swansong piece of academic writing at the learn stage. It’s the last major essay you’ll have to write as an actual student and that is why there is so much pressure to getting it done.

Understanding the Dissertation Proposal

The proposal has to be handled before you can even start on the dissertation. It’s not an essay as an essay has to explain or prove a point. The dissertation proposal is merely to get your foot in the door to start writing it. It’s the driver’s license before you can drive or the ramp so that you can do the heavy lifting—you’re doing is simply setting up your dissertation and turning in the blueprints to be checked off. You’re explaining how everything should look with your dissertation, what will be addressed and how your dissertation is supposed to address it.

You’ll do all of this in your proposal without giving anything away in your dissertation.

How to Write It in 2 Weeks

The proposal shouldn’t take you two weeks. Honestly, it shouldn’t even be as long as the dissertation proper. Don’t write your dissertation and don’t write a shortened version of your dissertation. Just give the reader or professor enough to wet his or her whistle about what your dissertation will entail. The most important thing here is managing your time. Start early and craft it over the weeks.

Don’t try to do it in the same window you plan to do your dissertation in. It will just make your dissertation look thrown together at first blush by the amount of time between the two (even if your dissertation looks sharp). The key to getting anything done in a few weeks’ time is to start early and pace yourself. Never try to just do the whole thing at the end of a two week period. With that said, two weeks is actually more than enough time to finish the proposal.

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