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Coming up with a list of possible dissertation topics

Coming up with a list of possible dissertation topics just requires you to write down topics or branches that you are aware of in your field of study. The field you study in is guaranteed to be very vast and narrowing it down to branches will still make it pretty broad. What you really want to do is get it down to the topics and research those topics thoroughly to find out what you can actually write on, what problems exist around that particular topic and what solutions do you have that could possibly remedy it.

With that said, there are some general topics below. After you look over those, we’ll go into you’re your dissertation is exactly, why a general list doesn’t work, and why you’ll need to research to find what it is you’ll write about.

Finding Your Topic

As you can see from the above list, a general list of topics doesn’t really help unless you’re able to relate something to your field. The best way to generate topics is to look at your field of study, use textbooks, publications in the field, etc. and draw from those. A dissertation is field specific. You’re writing to make your paper important within that field as well as graduate so that you can become a professional in that field.

If your field of study is marketing, doing a dissertation on cyber law or the abortion isn’t going to do you any good unless you’re able to really squeeze those into your field somehow without it seeming like you’re reaching and phoning it in.

Stripping Down the Dissertation

That’s all your dissertation truly is:

That’s your dissertation in a nutshell. It’s not much different at the core than any other essay you’ve written, it’s just the scale of the essay and the pressure behind it is different. Once you realize that, you should be better prepared to take out the dissertation proposal and handle the dissertation itself.

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