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Master’s Thesis Writing Guidelines

Writing a thesis is a huge job and will take up a lot of your life during the year that you’re working on it. Because of this, it’s very important to plan everything that you’ll need to do and make sure that you’re very organized with all of the files and documents and books related to writing your thesis. Have the guidelines and instructions for your thesis right next to you all the time that you’re researching and writing, because you’ll need to refer back to them a lot. When you take the time to properly prepare yourself for this, it will save you so much time in the future.

How to Organize Your Thesis Writing Project

The first step is to gather together everything that you already have related to your thesis. If this means a pile on your desk or a folder on your computer, so be it. Just make sure that you have everything in one place. Now you need to start on writing an outline. Take your idea and divide it into a few logical “chapters” or sections that you could talk about. Write down every possible subcategory you can think of that goes underneath your main idea. Each one of these could be a possible chapter. Take the ones that are smaller in scope and combine them under related ones so that you don’t have too many, and now you’re ready to make an outline.

Take each piece of research, quote, book, journal article, etc. and place it where it will fit in your thesis. Write the name of the document or research underneath the chapter where you want to reference it. If you need it under more than one chapter, then go ahead and write it under more than one.

Now the next step is to start filling in that outline. Instead of just naming the documents where they’ll go and pick the exact quote or reference you want and write out the entire quote under its chapter. Then, write a few sentences that connect each quote together and that lead from one chapter to another. When you continue expanding like this, chapter by chapter, you’ll have yourself your first rough draft finished in no time. Just remember to not stop and go back to look at your writing. This is the time to keep going ahead and not editing yourself at the same time; you can edit and polish your prose later.

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