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I Cannot Write My Thesis' Introduction

Thesis papers are not always a walk in the park even when you "think" you know what ideas and concepts you want to express figuring out a clever way to get them down in writing can be tough. This is because there are very strict requirements for what makes up "a good thesis" instructors have expectations and requirements for how they want the paper laid out and what kind of quality outline will lead to "A" grade. For this reason the introduction of your thesis paper is really important. This is where you "introduce" your thesis concept and write the thesis itself. After you have the introduction laid out, the rest of the paper should be breezy, because you will be describing the concepts briefly in the first paragraph as well. Unfortunately the first introductory paragraph is where many students just "get stuck", it is certainly the hardest part, and in many ways the most important part of a thesis paper assignment.

In order to take a bit of the pressure off, we've including a few helpful Thesis' Introduction tips that should help you get passed that initial road block and you "I cannot write my thesis introduction" mindset.

  1. Vaguely lay out all of your ideas and concepts in order of importance in a mini outline of your introduction.
  2. Remove any concepts or ideas that do not need to be immediately addressed in the first paragraph.
  3. Focus on the thesis: What is one deductive thing that all of these points have in common? Form your thesis based on what you conclude.
  4. Remember, your thesis statement needs to only be 2 sentences max, use strong vocabulary but make sure that it is clearly stated and easy to understand.
  5. Tie everything together with correlating clincher sentences and introduce the key concepts that will make up your other paragraphs.

The most important thing to remember when you are tackling that first big paragraph is that it does not need to be overly complicated. Sometimes "less is more" and making sure that you include the important parts before you get frustrated trying to make everything sound "perfect", you can always refine the wording later on. Get started by getting the words down, and then you can edit them and improve them once the entire paper has come together.

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