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Key Points of Writing a Dissertation Proposal

There are a few key points to remember when writing a dissertation proposal. The first thing to remember is the purpose for writing the proposal. The purpose is for the topic to be approved so you can write your dissertation. Once you keep that in the back of your head, it is time to remember these key points.

  1. The dissertation proposal is not an essay, so don’t write it as such. It is also not a mini dissertation. The proposal is written to show the argument in your dissertation, or your thesis. This allows the advisor or professor know what to expect in your dissertation and if it is a valid thesis.
  2. Show how the dissertation fits into your current field. Answer questions like why is it a problem and why is it important to solve it? This gives the advisor and you something to go on and think about. Also, it shows why it is relevant to your field and why it is a good topic for your dissertation.
  3. The proposal will describe how your argument is going to fit together and align with the thesis. This includes literature and research you plan on doing. Another way of looking at it is an outline of how your dissertation is going to fit together and the flow throughout the paper.
  4. Potential outcomes of the dissertation. In the proposal, show where the research could lead and the possible conclusions. It is okay if the actual dissertation doesn’t end up with the same outcomes as you predicted. The potential outcomes shows which way the argument could possibly lead.
  5. Timeline. In the proposal give yourself a timeline to the completion of dissertation. Be as specific as possible. This will help you and the advisor know what to expect. By having a timeline, hopefully there will not be so many surprises and distractions along the way.

The above key points will help with your dissertation proposal. Remember, you are trying to get the topic approved so put time and effort into the proposal. These will show in the dissertation proposal and hopefully get the topic approved.

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