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3 tips for writing a dissertation proposal

There are number of tips to get your dissertation proposal done. Graduate students tend to make mistakes at this stage that make both the proposal and the dissertation itself a much longer process than it should be. We’re giving you the three top tips to getting it done:

These three are very simple, but essential tips that can help get you through the process with little stress and save you time.

Manage Your Time

This is one of the most important of the three tips for your dissertation proposal. Your proposal isn’t going to be too long or even near the length of dissertation. What you want to do is pace yourself so that you’re not so burned out writing the proposal that the dissertation seems like a larger pain that it should be. Always spread out your projects—whether they are proposals, essays, or actual experiments and exercises—so that they’re manageable and not conflicting with anything else.

Also, don’t rush through the proposal so that you can get to the dissertation. Take your time!

What is a Proposal?

Your proposal is the “Coming Attractions” for your dissertation. You’re telling the reader—your professors or whomever is reading it—what the dissertation is going to do. It’s the outline of everything dissertation is. With that said, as stated above it shouldn’t be near the length of your dissertation. Don’t write your dissertation for your proposal. The proposal isn’t an essay since it doesn’t have to prove anything, it’s just telling you about the essay—the dissertation—that will prove what is being put forth without giving everything away.

To sum it all up: any proposal is a pitch for the actual project. Its purpose is to get everything green lit.

Talk to Your Professors

Talk with your professors during the proposal writing process. They can provide insight on the direction you could go with your paper as well as let you know if the proposal has the weight to get your dissertation green lit. After all, who better to know if your proposal is up to snuff than your professor? He or she is in their position because they were once in yours where a proposal and dissertation had to be done. Take the time and ask them about your proposal and absorb what they tell you.

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