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Business Studies GCSE Coursework Writing Tips

GCSE studies in business include studying a vast amount of topics. So when it comes to writing, you would think you can choose a topic with no problem. But, it is understandable why so many students struggle to select a good topic. After all, a topic you have an interest in may help you write your content better and improve your focus on its scope. The following tips may be helpful when doing writing for your GCSE coursework.

How to Choose a Good Topic

There are various subjects in this coursework that presents broad concepts such as the economy, global markets, supply and demand, marketing, and e-commerce. Sometimes it helps to pick a few general subjects and start researching them. You may find a few pieces of information on each subject that stands out. Some topics may have you going into deeper detail with your information, and that is okay. List a few points for each subject that you want to discuss in your writing. Then, after thinking about the data and research you’ve just completed, you can do process of elimination and narrow your findings to a few topics.

Determine the Focus or Purpose of Your Writing

This often gives students a difficult challenge since there are specific points you want to mention. At the same time, this shows how much you have learn through your coursework. This may be a challenge for students who have yet to determine a topic or something to write about. You may have a few topics in mind and cross-reference information you may know based on personal knowledge. This may then help you determine your main topic and the problem in which you feel comfortable providing a solution for. It helps to not only state your solution to the problem, but what you have learned so far throughout the course and potential effects the problem itself may have on society.

Proofread, Edit, and Revise Your Written Content

Reviewing what you wrote can make a big difference before submission for grading. You want to make sure your message reads clearly and the details make logic sense. It helps to rewrite your content by creating multiple drafts to revise sentence and paragraphs. Doing this 2 or 4 times can help improve the quality of your content. Be sure to follow any guidelines or instruction presented by your instructor.

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