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Checking if a dissertation writing service is a scam

Finding out if a dissertation service is a scam just by first appearances can be very difficult for a number of reasons. We’ll show you why they’re so difficult to spot and the best way to check them out.

Service Sites by Numbers

The main reason they’re hard to point out is that they are all similar in appearance. The sites tend to use plenty of stock photos of roughly the same thing:

Go on and check a few sites to see if they don’t have these similarities. This article can wait.

Now then, there are several things in the actual text of the site that makes it hard to point out the scam sites from the legit ones as well. The industry standard is to present a case for their services. They’ll tell you what they can do and have the order form. Below is full on list of what you can expect from reading the sites:

All of these given on any service sites and actually an service worth using will offer these services. The problem is that there are so many of these sites that do the same thing. Some have been around years and some have only been around for a few years. Then you get the services that only recently popped up. You’d be right to be skeptical of these sites.

Next, worry about the testimonials. You can never go by a site’s testimonial page since they could’ve authored those themselves. After all, this is a site that makes its cash from writing and bucking an institution’s honor system. There’s nothing that point to them not doing their best to ease your mind and loosen your wallet.

Identifying Legit Sites and Scam Sites

The only way to truly go about this is checking around online for review sites that happen to cover dissertation/essay writing services. If you can’t find any—there are a few—then join a college social site and look through the forums for writing assistance and essay writing services and see which services students tend to use.

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