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MBA Dissertation Writing Tricks: How to Craft a Solid Project

Begin right away.

An MBA dissertation is a lengthy project. You might be tempted to postpone the start of your work until you get done with more urgent tasks. However, having lots of time in reserve is a dangerous illusion. The reason that you are given several months to complete your MBA dissertation is that this project actually needs that much time. Start planning your work once you get your topic approved. Schedule reasonable amounts of time for researching, writing, and editing. Make appointments with those who are to help you with your research. Aim at devoting at least several hours every day (or a couple of days every week) to your dissertation work. The earlier you begin, the better chance you stand to produce a great paper. Last-minute rush and time-trouble can ruin even the best dissertation project (and often they actually do).

Use your professional experience.

If you have entered an MBA program already being at a high professional position, use it to your advantage. Write your dissertation about a particular aspect of your company’s activities. As an employee, you might have access to the data unavailable to general public. Do not forget to ask for permission to use it in your dissertation and thank the respective bodies or people in your acknowledgments section. Use real-world cases from your professional practice to add value to your dissertation.

Take advantage of your mandated supervision.

If you have no relevant professional experience, you can use that of your supervisor. MBA courses are often taught by professors who have lots of experience as managers. When assigning supervisors to dissertation students, the faculty bodies often choose those who have strong practical and academic background to guide students through their research. Ask your advisor whether he or she knows a good topic or company for you to write on – the advice will usually be sound. Make appointments to meet your supervisor at least every two weeks. Use these meetings to answer every question you have about your dissertation.

Select the most appropriate research methods.

Your MBA dissertation is about quality research as much as it is about business. Develop a research design that fits best for your topic. Quantitative research is fine for an industry overview and trend prediction, while qualitative methods are perfect for exploring “soft” topics such as employee satisfaction or for an in-depth study of a single enterprise. Substantiate your choice of research methods – this part of your dissertation will have the closest attention of committee members.

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