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How to Write A Thesis and Not Get the Analysis and Results Mixed Up?

Writing a thesis paper is one of the most important assignments of your early career. While it may appear daunting, the assignment in itself is as difficult as it is said to be. However, do not underestimate the complications that can arise once you’ve started writing. Below, you will find how to write a thesis and not get the analysis and results mixed up.

Analysis - The process in which you interpret the meaning of specific data gathered from your topic or material.

Results - The process in which you report your factual findings and nothing more.

These two definitions should help you understand the differences between analysis and research. Essentially, results require the analysis of the data if you are to reach a conclusion; while analysis is not reliant on analysis unless you need to understand if or how data may have changed to reach the results.

Follow A Plan

It helps to keep your analysis and your results separate if you follow a strict outline for your thesis paper. After choosing the research methods you’d like to apply to the topic or material, conduct your analysis of the data. Once you’ve interpreted the meaning of the data in your data analysis section, then you’ll be able to move onto the next section, which is reporting your results and findings.

Different Styles of Writing

Another way to tell the difference between your analysis and data in order to ensure no mix ups, is the style in which they are written. Data Analysis sections are often written very technical and extremely formal. This style of writing is meant to be understood to those knowledgeable of the field and it’s corresponding data so expect many readers to be unfamiliar if they haven’t had any introduction to topic or material.

On the other hand, results are the factual presentation of your research as a whole. The point of this section is to effectively communicate your findings so as not to lose the reader. As the expert, you have already interpreted the data so now you should be able to make it easily understandable for others.

These two methods will enable you to write a good thesis paper that does not confuse the analysis and results.

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