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Where to get sources for a PhD thesis


PhD thesis is the most important part of your life as it is basically a written document that usually presents a writer’s research in support of their aspiration for a certain professional qualification. A thesis is written upon completion of a certain research and compiling of the research findings and coming up with a publication on the same.

Components of a good PhD thesis

It should however be noted that the structure may change depending on the area of specification for your research.

Characteristics of a good PhD thesis

A good PhD thesis should have specific features that make it become successful. Every PhD thesis must define the problem that led to the research and explain the relevance of that problem, have specific objectives, put the findings in written, and draw conclusions. There is no specific order for a dissertation; each is unique, so the following are some of the features of a good thesis:

Where to get Sources for a PhD thesis

A PhD thesis basically has two sources of data; primary sources which include the researcher going to the field and getting the facts, and secondary sources which include books, magazines, encyclopedias, journals and even the internet. These sources are gotten from various locations that they may be found. So basically, that is where you could possibly get ideas for your PhD thesis.

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