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What is a thesis for a Master's program?

A thesis is a major piece of work that can essentially be described as a substantial essay. It is sometimes also referred to as a research paper or dissertation, although a dissertation, in some parts of the world, can actually refer to a major piece of work that is actually connected with a doctorate, as opposed to a Master’s program.

However it may be referred to, a thesis is certainly an important essay that requires a considerable amount of work and understanding. Generally, a thesis will be very much a research-based piece of work. Unlike some lesser styles of essays, a thesis will often be a unique paper that is based on an original idea. Even if the idea or topic is not original in itself, the concepts and themes that are discussed within it may well be, thus taking a fresh approach to a pre-existing topic. Therefore, it requires a considerable amount of research and understanding in order to be written as effectively as possible.

Does every course require a thesis?

For students that are thinking about studying a Master’s program, one of the questions that they may have is whether or not they would have to do a thesis. This can only be answered on an individual basis as some courses will require you to do a thesis, whilst others do not. The reality is that most courses will, in fact, require the students studying it to complete a thesis when undertaking a Master’s program.

For those that do have to complete a thesis, it is perhaps worth knowing that it is a substantial and major piece of work that will have a major impact on the outcome of the course.

What sections does a thesis for a Master’s program include?

Depending on the subject of the course or other specific requirements, the structure and sections that are required for a thesis can differ slightly. However, these differences are generally minimal. Below are a few of the sections that you will typically find within a thesis

The table of contents will obviously detail what sections there are in the main body of the text, which can vary depending on the subject and topic that is being written about, but will generally be a detailed version of any typical essay. There may be other sections to also consider too, such as any notes.

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