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Where Can I Find Good Dissertation Topics?

There is practically an infinite number of places to look for good dissertation topics. Drilling down a bit we can see that there are three broad categories to consider:


People to talk to

While you could find a good dissertation topic talking with just about anybody, you are more likely to find a good one talking with someone who knows something about your area of study. The most obvious place to start is with your advisor. If you have not already talked things over with your advisor then that is the first person you should talk with. Remember, if your advisor is not helpful, you should be able to find a different professor to be your advisor. After that, you could talk with other students. It may be very helpful to find someone who is NOT studying in the same discipline as you to talk things over with. Oftentimes, the struggle to explain something to a person who is not familiar with your field of study will yield new questions which in turn make excellent starting points for developing dissertation topics.

What to read

You may or may not be studying at the number one school for the field you are studying. If not, find out which university, if you don’t already know, has the best collection of material in your area. Go and visit that university’s library and see if you can find something interesting. While you are there, you should try to visit one or more of the top professors as well. Remember, please, even if you feel like you are a total wizard when it comes to using search engines, have a talk with a reference librarian. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred he or she will lead you to new insight.

Where to look online

Besides the obvious of using Google, there are also a few search engines that specialize in dissertations.


Search one or search them all. The point is to find something that piques your interest and causes you to ask yourself a question. Write down your questions as they come up. If you can stand the temptation, keep writing down questions while continuing to search. If you come up with a question that you just can’t leave, then you my friend have found YOUR dissertation topic.

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