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Dissertation Topics In Business Management: 10 Extraordinary Ideas

Hopefully these ideas will help you to choose a topic that suits your interests.

  1. In the advent of Globalisation in the workplace have the ethics that are practised in PR managed to keep up to date with their policy on cultural diversity? (The focus here could be on the mismatch of ideologies when a UK companies is based in an overseas environment).

  2. Child Labour is used greatly within China, India and Africa especially for the use of producing garments for the fashion industry. How does this affect the conscience of people in Europe who are enjoying cheap fashion? Are some retail outlets protesting at the exploitation of children at the expense of passing on the addition sourcing costs to their customers?

  3. Looking at the production of cars in the UK, to what extent do foreign manufacturers base their business model on academic interpretations and how does this influence the market and is the model applicable in other countries? Is profitability an issue?

  4. How is it possible to support e-commerce within Iraq? Is there an infrastructure that can support this growth? Using a discursive analysis is it possible to identify the potential that foreign investment may have on the growth of e-commerce traffic.

  5. There has been an ongoing concern within the UK that there are poor levels of customer service within all of the service industries, how can the situation be improved? What could be the focal point of face to face discussions with both customers and managers? Is it possible to take customer service policies that are successfully implemented in the US and apply them to the UK service markets.

  6. What are the expectations of consumers that shop in a high end store in comparison to a cut price store that does not deal with brand name products? Do customers get better service when shopping in the cut price stores? If they do, what influences that customer service?

  7. Consumers can now track and have some control over their carbon footprints. To what extent do they feel that they have a social responsibility or do they feel that by doing this they have incurred extra charges and in effect they are subsidising the carbon footprints that other users and travellers are incurring?

  8. What is the pressure and effects of social networking sites on e-commerce? Thinking of the recent use of advertising on some social network sites and the way that they have encouraged and changed consumer behaviour and demands.

  9. Produce a market analysis for either your favourite store or for a store that you would like to own. Focus on the micro and macro environments in which the store operates complete with a SWOT analysis and resource capability.

  10. Analysis of the channels of communication that exists between employees that are employed by a multinational organisation and how the channels of communication can be improved. Focus on factors such as organisational structure, formal and informal modes of communication.
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