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Thesis Paragraph Structure: Avoiding Common Mistakes

It takes patience and a little bit of hard work to properly write a thesis paragraph using the structure expected from an advanced academic essay. You must also be willing to revise your paragraph continually until you get to the point where your thesis statement and the supporting evidence are as strong as possible. The introductory paragraph is the primary part of your thesis paper and as such should receive a lot of attention. Interestingly enough, it should also be the last part of the essay that you write.

Mistakes to avoid in writing thesis paragraphs

If you have very little writing experience, here are some common mistakes when writing paragraphs that students fall into. This list is all of the things not to do:

  1. Write without a purpose for the paragraph. If you don’t have a purpose, your paragraph will have no meaning.
  2. Write without using an outline. An outline keeps you on track and shows you where the thesis needs to go next. Using an outline helps you to see all the parts of each paragraph and how to structure them. Never try to write without an outline because each paragraph as well as the entire paper will lack structure.
  3. Write without a transition sentence for the following paragraph. This is an essential part of structure. Without the transition sentence the paragraphs will not flow smoothly together and you take the risk of losing the reader’s interest.

Essential elements of good paragraph structure

    The following techniques will help you to obtain the structure you need for good solid paragraphs.

  1. Every paragraph should have an introductory sentence that leads you into the rest of the paragraph.
  2. After the introduction you should present the body of evidence that supports the statement made in the introductory sentence.
  3. Following the body of evidence you need a concluding sentence which serves two purposes. First, it summarizes what was said in the paragraph and second, it serves as a transition sentence for the next paragraph.
  4. The introduction paragraph is no different except that it contains the thesis statement which your entire paper is based on.

The reason the introduction paragraph is written last is because it basically gives the reader an overview of what the entire paper will cover. It’s much easier to write the overview after the body of the paper because you can write an accurate overview.

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