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How To Come Up With Unexplored MSc Dissertation Topics

Completing a Master’s of Science degree can be difficult especially when it comes to getting ready to do your dissertation.  Dissertations are supposed to find new knowledge on the field of study that you have been studying for the past few years.  Finding this knowledge is the most difficult part of doing your dissertation.  Depending on what Master’s of Science degree you are obtaining, the list of topics that you can consider for you dissertation can be long but there are ways that you can narrow down them and find a dissertation topic that is unexplored.

How To Choose An Unexplored MSc Dissertation Topic

Narrowing Down Your Topic

You probably have a general idea of what topic you want to cover in your dissertation but for it to be an unexplored topic, you going to have to narrow down to a subject those other dissertations haven’t covered.  Here are some ways you can narrow down those subjects and come up with a good topic.

I know that finding a dissertation topic that is unexplored is hard because there aren’t any topics that haven’t already been done.  Ask you advisors for advice if you get stuck on finding a topic, they might be able to point you in the right direction of the topic you might not have thought of during your research.  The key is to look for something that needs more research; that is the best way to find an unexplored topic for your dissertation.

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