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What Is A PhD Dissertation: Main Characteristics

Writing a good dissertation is a substantial requirement for successful PhD students. Its main goal is to proof the student’s thesis and to convince others of its veracity. Although it is not required to contain everything; it should include research on the topic, explanation of the theory suggested, and the author’s contribution.

Students, who have to write a dissertation, have to keep in mind that their audience is technical. They should strive to be complete and clear without unnecessary comprehensiveness. Another important fact for students to know is that all experimental data cannot be presented as proof, but as evidence. The proof contains critical presentations along with analysis.

The Main Purposes Of The PhD Dissertation

Dissertations can have two purposes:

  1. To describe the way used by a person to prove his hypothesis.
  2. To reveal new results from the experiments, which show author’s disapproval with a certain theory.

How To Write a Good PhD Dissertation?

In order to write a good PhD Dissertation, students should know some important requirements they need to consider before starting to write. They are as follows:

  1. You need to have an original and significant thesis, which needs to be described in a stylized and formal document. Before starting to write, ensure that your chosen thesis is not already demonstrated and proven by someone else.
  2. To be valid, your thesis statement should contain maximum of three sentences that should be approved by your committee. You need to be as much brief and clear as possible.
  3. The whole dissertation contains four to six chapters in total.
  4. Take a look at some written dissertations to get an idea of how they are structured and what elements should present. These papers can be found in all technical libraries.

The Dissertation’s Structure

The dissertation needs to contain the following chapters:

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