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Places where I can find marketing dissertation topics

First of all this is like any other dissertation topic. Your resources to find your material will be much the same. It is only in the context that your difference will be.

By focusing on your subject, you will be able to find a good topic.


Libraries are always a good place to start. The volumes of material they have on all subjects make them a great resource. Looking through journals on economics and marketing will have a lot of information you can go through. Books and media they store inside can provide different topics.

News media

News Media, as they cover many areas. Sometimes new forms of marketing strategies that have proven useful will be covered. Just as people who have made significant contributions. When a person is covered, often it is possible to see something on what they did that might be topic worthy.

People in the field

People in the field are a good source. By now you have met some people, talk to them and see what they think might be a good idea to cover. You never know, maybe you are working around someone who is perfecting a new strategy. Getting it covered first might benefit the both of you.


As always in any field, talking to one of your professors or instructors could help. They have been working with you, and some you might have had in an earlier class. There is always that chance that they might see something you have not.


Again Advisors work with you for a good amount of time, and have files on you. They can look at what areas you did best and see areas you likely have a strong interest. Where you do best, is usually where your interests are. That is also a place you would be less likely to burn out quickly also.


There are tons of places on the net. Especially trade sites/forums. Try looking for a marketing forum, where marketers debate ideas in, if you have not already. In these places professionals come to talk about ideas and problems in the field and get help or share ideas. Almost every profession has them. Marketing sites are like a specialty site for marketing news and techniques. Both can be excellent sources of material and ideas, as well as getting to talk to other professionals.

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