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Writing A Doctoral Dissertation: Essential Things To Pay Your Attention To

Construction of a proper dissertation is a key feature of any doctoral pursuit. There are various accepted ways of doing this and choosing the format that suits you can sometimes be tricky. Universities often have their own required form and close attention should be paid to these guidelines as well. Generally, all dissertations require the same outcome, thorough research presented in an understandable and attractive manner. Here are some essential things to pay attention too when writing a doctoral dissertation:

  1. Table of contents
  2. This ensures easy browsing of your paper. Ensure that your contents are thorough and accurately listed. No one wants to seek piece of information in your paper only to realize the contents are mixed up.

  3. Introduction
  4. A proper introduction states the purpose of the project and the reasons that lead to the decision to undertake this project. It should be brief and informative, guiding the reader’s thoughts into the bulk of the project.

  5. The method
  6. Outlining the methodology used to gather and process data is vital. It must inform the reader of the logic that dictated the choice of experiment or source material and must also state the rejected ideas. The purpose here is to justify the reason for choosing the selected method over the others.

  7. Presentation of data
  8. Data analysis can be tedious. The way data is presented can affect the way it is interpreted if at all and it is vital to design a presentation method that is easy on the reader, but also depicts the data in a non misleading manner.

  9. Analysis and interpretation
  10. Be careful to be objective in your interpretation of the data. State your reasons or give examples to support the implications you decide upon. The reader must be able to follow along on how you came to that conclusion without having to fill in the blanks.

  11. Quotations
  12. Quoting someone or an existing research paper is sometimes unavoidable and care must be taken to give proper citing when doing so. It is also very important to always quote accurately when you do.

  13. Reference section
  14. You must have a reference section that clearly and accurately states the author’s names, dates and titles of published papers referenced in your dissertation.

  15. Conclusion
  16. Your conclusion must be brief and undeniable. Take great care to formulate a conclusion that is clearly supported by your data and research.

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