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Unusual Thesis Topics for Architecture

Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with ideas for thesis topics. This happens in every class and is not limited to one subject. When you are trying to come up with thesis topics, the more unusual the topic the more interesting it will be to the reader. For those of you having issues in trying to determine an unusual thesis topic for an architecture class here are some ideas.

  1. Gothic architecture might be an interesting and unusual topic for someone to write about. Some of the buildings with the gothic style are truly beautiful and they are not limited to just old buildings in Europe. You can talk about how this type of architecture is used in modern buildings and give examples. You can talk about how the gothic style influenced the buildings of different cultures in different time periods.
  2. Landscape architecture is very different from building architecture. You could write a thesis on this type of architecture and explain the differences and how they influence each other.
  3. You could also write about weather influencing and affecting architectural projects. This could include things like why buildings in certain areas are built in certain ways (think hurricane and tornado country or even heavy snow country) and what features should be included in different areas.
  4. You might even have success in writing about how the energy that is used influences and affects architecture. For example, if you are planning a project using electrical energy, how would that differ from planning a project that would be powered solely by solar energy?
  5. You could even write a paper about how the environment might affect the planning and construction of a building. For example, you are planning a project and drawing out the designs when you realize that there is some aspect of the design that is not conducive to the natural environment of the area where it is to be built. Show an example and describe in detail what steps would need to be taken to correct the oversight and continue on from there.

These are just a few ideas. Architecture is one of those subjects that has a long history as well as a wealth of different topics to choose from. No matter what you choose, be sure to research it thoroughly and cite each and every one of your resources. Also remember to make your thesis statement clear and concise and you will do just fine.

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