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PhD dissertation help-starting your research

If you are about to start writing a PhD dissertation, you don't need anybody telling you that you face a daunting task. It is something which will take you months in terms of research, planning and writing. Of all those components, research is an integral part of your success. It not only means you have to find the material to research, you need to be able to collect the relevant information for your writing purposes.

So what are the factors to consider when starting your research?

You will have learnt the importance of the choice of topic way back in your early academic career. It is never more relevant when it comes to the major task of writing a PhD dissertation. You will have spent time talking with your professor and being absolutely certain that the topic you have chosen is ideal.

Having chosen the topic, you then need to create a research question. And again this is the key to so much of what you will do in the next weeks and even months. Does the research question lead you into areas which are easy to research and which are ripe with information and detail you can call upon? If so, you have the right topic and the right research question. If not, change either or both to ensure you have a speedy and successful journey.

The plan you adopt in tackling your research goes a long way to deciding how successful you will become. You need to be good at having an overview. You need to be able to see all the resources available and then choose those which you think are more important than others and have a timetable during which time you will tackle various tasks.

All the collection of data needs a system of storage. Files you create with major headings, sub-headings and references, all need to be neatly and sensibly created. This way you can find your research easily and quickly.

Finally there is your way of notating your research be it handwritten, digital, flash cards or whatever. The system needs to work well and to work for you. And good luck with your major writing undertaking.

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