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Tips For Thesis Writing: Using Current Sources

When you write a thesis, you are proving a point. In order to prove a point, you need to have real evidence. In order to have the best evidence, it is vital to find the newest sources. Since researching on many subjects continues to grow by leaps and bounds, before you place any evidence in your thesis, it is important that you check the date that the research was conducted and the source was written. If you use old sources, you can affect the validity of your argument and possibly even fail the task of writing a thesis.

Decide What Constitutes “Current”

Before you begin to research your topic, you should ask your professor what constitutes a current source. In many cases, the topic you are researching will decide what “current” happens to be. History thesis topics do not necessarily need modern dates because the actual event might not be current. However, if the historical event has been recently researched, you will want the newest information possible. If you are looking for first hand sources, then your source will not be current at all.

Follow Blogs and Feeds While Working on Your Project

If your thesis is about technology, you might have to update your sources while you are still writing your paper. Technology seems to change on a daily basis, so you will need to follow the latest news as you work through the process of completing the project. You might want to consider adding technology sources to an RSS feed or choose a good blogger to follow so you really can stay up to date on the latest news about your chosen technology field.

Check for Reliability as well as Dates

Current sources may not always be the most reliable. There are many sources that enjoy releases rumors as if they were fact. Be sure that you investigate sources, especially when they are covering technology, before you commit to putting a source in your thesis. The reliability of the source is just as important, if not more important, than the date the information was released to the public. In order to tell if a source is reliable, you should look at the URL, the quality of the website, and the qualifications of the writer. If anything looks fishy, or less than professional to you, it is most likely not a reliable source. The best sources are hard news sources, academic sources, and government sources.

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