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Can I Find Non-Plagiarized Doctoral Dissertations Online?

Well this is an interesting topic. A doctoral dissertation is not a two paragraph essay. It is a major academic undertaking. There are many examples of doctoral dissertations available online. They are the work of people who've spent months even years studying and writing about a particular topic. They can make an ideal teaching tool for someone who wishes to study that particular topic or someone who wishes to write their doctoral dissertation.

It is fair to say that if the work has been created by the student, approved by their educational institution and awarded a pass or even a distinction because of the quality of the writing, then this is, to all intents and purposes, a non-plagiarized doctoral dissertation. So in a word, the answer to the question in the title of the article is most definitely yes.

Are they easy to find?

They are easy to find provided the type of doctoral dissertation or its topic is not highly unusual. The assumption here is that you are looking for any type of doctoral dissertation for the purposes of educating yourself in the style of writing and layout etc. In that case there are hundreds if not thousands of non-plagiarized doctoral dissertations online.

But if you are looking for a non-plagiarized dissertation on a specific topic and if the topic is unusual, then your search may be somewhat difficult. The assumption here is that you are looking for a dissertation on a specific topic because that's the topic that you have chosen for your dissertation. You want to see the approach that the writer of this dissertation has taken. You want to consider the content they have used.

If it's a fairly common dissertation topic then finding it online should be relatively easy. Make sure that your search engine wording is specific.

Every tertiary academic institution which offers a PhD qualification will publish the title and a synopsis of every doctoral dissertation they award. This can be a convoluted way of carrying out your search but it nevertheless will help you pinpoint something specific if that is what you require.

By joining blogs or discussion groups on academic writing, you can use the knowledge of fellow members to help you track down what you are after. There are many people who know which dissertation topics have been tackled and finding someone who can guide you can save time.

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