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A Guide to Writing Dissertations and Theses: Submitting Your Work

Writing a dissertation can be difficult, but completing the manuscript isn’t the last challenge you will need to face. Submitting the paper itself will also require some work.

Depending on the system used by your school, you will have to provide three ways to submit the manuscript.

  1. Via ProQuest or another electronic system used by the graduate school (uses FTP).
  2. As a paper copy that will be digitalized later on.
  3. As a PDF document via a specialized submission tool.

Verify the document’s formatting, and edit the abstract a final time to be sure that everything is perfect. You will not be able to make any changes to the dissertation after it is submitted, so you need to double-check everything. You will also need to enter an author’s agreement with the service with which you submit the dissertation. This will ensure that you keep the copyright. Study the agreement carefully to see whether you are entitled to a royalty.

When you need to include materials that were created by other authors who also hold copyrights, you will need to make sure that all the formalities are upheld and the credits are given. This will protect you from serious problems that can be caused by copyright infringement accusations. Be sure to get all the necessary permissions before you submit your own paper.

U.S. students can get some interesting benefits if they register for a U.S. copyright. This will protect your work much better, and will make you eligible for statutory damages. If the work is not registered for copyright, you will only be able to claim the actual damages. Getting the registration will also allow you to claim your attorney fee. You will also need to consider your embargo options. You will need to file the necessary paperwork that pertains to an embargo. Be sure to put a lot of thought into it, as you won’t be able to make any changes later. The documents can be filed by your colleague or friend. The only requirement is that all the necessary paperwork be submitted together.

Please keep track of your deadlines. The services will not accept your submission if you file it after specified hours. It’s imperative to find out what the time limit is beforehand. You will also need to leave some room for error, as it would be extremely unfortunate to suffer because your Internet connection fails and you don’t have the time to use any alternate option. Also note that despite the fact that you will most likely get the receipt of filing the dissertation a few days later, it will have the correct submission date on it.

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