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PhD Thesis Paper Tips: Using Successful Writing By Other Students

The academic thesis paper is generally research and writing assignment given to students studying for a doctorate degree.

The entire assignment encompasses the student's research and findings about a specific subject. Thesis projects can be incredibly extensive and, at times, taxing for the students writing the thesis. Though, the thesis paper is also considered rather rewarding, especially when it's accepted after all of that hard work.

The PhD thesis paper uses a lot of references that often get cited within the paper itself. Did you know, however, that some PhD thesis papers are allowed to cite other students?

Citing student papers

When referencing an outside resource in a PhD thesis paper, students have to cite their references. This can be accomplished by citing the information by listing the author's surname and the year they published the reference in parentheses. Also, the referenced information needs to be reported in the student's own works, usually in a way that summaries the point of the work in the first place.

Students aren't limited to what resources they can use to supplement their PhD thesis papers. Their pool of resources is so vast that they can even cite other PhD thesis papers that were written by other students.

Sometimes, the information that a student needs is in a peer's own PhD thesis paper. If you do plan on referencing a peer's work, it's important to properly cite them, allowing other people to know where that particular work originated.

Guidelines about citing student papers

There are guidelines for citing student papers. These guidelines generally allow students to provide proper context for what papers they may be referencing. That also includes if they choose to cite papers from their instructors or professors, too.
Students can cite another thesis or dissertation by using the following format:

Doe, J. 2014. A study in providing an example for short articles on the Internet in the Midwest. PhD Thesis, Example Graduate School, City, State. 40 p.

Some educational institutions may use different guidelines, though those guidelines are the guidelines usually utilized in that particular context. Students writing a PhD thesis paper should keep those guidelines in mind if they want to properly cite a peer's paper.

Getting references from a student is usually a good idea to get additional information that you probably couldn't have found in another resource. Before you start citing student papers, always get permission from your peers to reference their work before you get started.

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