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PhD Thesis Prompts: Never Copy From Untrusted Sources 

Many writers spend a lot of time developing ideas about what to write about in their PhD thesis and that can be a major cause of stress in the life of a student. However, assistance for the writer of anything is always available though the magic of writing prompts. This is no different for writing prompts for PhD thesis assignments. There are ideas out there in all academic categories that will get the writing started. No matter what the paper is about and how confident a person is about the information a writer of a PhD thesis should never, ever copy from an untrusted source in order to complete a paper.

A writer in any arena needs to vary the number of sources that they use to find their research. A real researcher can’t just accept the ideas and facts from one source. All information needs to be checked and proven by several different locations. If there is a conflict then a researcher needs to resolve it. Any source really can be treated as unreliable because by itself there is no proof that the information it provides is accurate or not.

Some sources today are almost accepted as truthful even though they shouldn’t be in any way accepted. Wikipidia is one of these types of sites. There are some key bits of fact that can be used to help guide research but everything there needs to be checked through a real source. That is because no author is ever mentioned and the information that is being presented it could be written by a person with a third grade education. There is no way to know for sure, so any source that doesn’t provide a clear author the work should never be copied at all.

Sources also can have a particular bias that is going to lead to a bias in reporting. Another reason that all sources need to be checked in depth because often the people who are responsible for editing are going to use a bias when they publish the finished copy of their source. That bias can shade the truth and tip it toward someone’s particular agenda. Biased opinions are not facts and need to be recognized and dismissed as such before an untrusted source is copied or used in research at all. Each person has to stand up for their work and if there is plagiarism involved in a research paper it will significantly destroy the reputation of the scholar as well as the doctoral thesis.

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