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Key tips to writing academic papers effectively

When writing a paper one has to use a superb method in order for it to be effective. If you are having trouble writing your paper effectively then this article is for you. Here are some tips to make your paper stand above the crowd.

Active voice

During the writing phase of your paper one should utilize an active voice. This voice within your paper makes the writing seem simple, energetic, and direct.

Utilize style guides

A style guide is used to help writers during the writing process. It lets the writer know where capitalization should be used, commas are placed, and grammar structure. This will help you to develop habits which will aid you in creating an effective paper.

Overcoming writers block

It is esay enough for a writer to become stuck during the writing process or at the beginning of the paper. Many experts note when in doubt just write down all the ideas that come to your head. Do not worry about order or how well the ideas flow, just get them out an on the paper. You can fix the pieces of the puzzle together once you have gotten all of your ideas out and on the paper.

Focus on the end

Keep the goal or thesis and topic in mind during the writing process. Refer to the thesis while writing and come up with ideas to support this goal.

Transparency in writing

Make sure writing is clear and concise. Write with the audience in mind. If your audience is a group of scientific researchers you may utilize complex language and terms relevant to the field. If you are talking to school age children then everyday language will work.

Avoid cliches

You can make comparisons in your work, however always try to avoid cliches. They take away from the professional appeal of the paper.


The first draft is a rough cut of your paper. The best way to initiate this process is by allowing for a day or two between writing and revising. Print the work out. Read the paper from beginning to end. Ask yourself does it read well, does it correlate with the thesis statement and goal of the paper? Make sure you look for grammatical issues and correct spelling. Afterwards you should read the paper from end to beginning to make sure all the errors have been caught.

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