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20 Outstanding Dissertation Titles In Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric nursing is the area of nursing that deals specifically with patients that suffer from mental illness. Due to this, this type of nursing is also called “Mental Health Nursing”. This is a highly specialized area of nursing. Students training for a career as a Mental health nurse undergo training in areas such as how to deal with patients with behavioral problems, how to administer psychiatric medicines and psychological therapies etc.

Most programs that teach psychiatric nursing require a dissertation on a research topic. These can be a tough aspect of study, especially with a field as hands-on as nursing. Searching and finding a great dissertation topic is the first hurdle you will have to pass as you start to write your paper. Here is the good news; we are here to help by providing you 20 great topics to get you inspired:

  1. The psychological effects of weight gain during pregnancy for sportswomen.
  2. The mental health effects of pregnancy miscarriage for women and their family.
  3. The mental health effects of increasing screen time in the digital age, for children and for adults.
  4. The psychological effects of a lack of medical services for under-served African American communities.
  5. The mental health effects of suicide in the family. How do children of suicide victims cope and survive?
  6. The psychological effects of war on the families of war veterans. How can health officials alleviate anxieties of the family?
  7. A phenomenological study of the effects of the death of a relative in war on the extended family and circle of friends.
  8. A study of dual mental health diagnosis. How do mental health professionals prioritize which issue to treat first?
  9. The effects of undiagnosed childhood disorders being diagnosed in adulthood. How does the treatment differ and how to avoid this pitfall?
  10. Does the anecdotal correlation between genius level artistic ability and genius level IQ hold up under scientific scrutiny? A study of the theory and evidence.
  11. A study of the correlation between high levels of IQ and mental illness.
  12. A study of the correlation between high levels of artistic ability and psychological disorders.
  13. The effects of a lack of medication compliance on recovery of mental health patients.
  14. The effects of a lack of medication compliance on the economy. Would better adherence to medication timelines by patients result in savings for us all?
  15. The effects of the dynamics of family on the treatment of mental health patients.
  16. The effects of divorce on the mental health of children.
  17. How does parents’ divorce affect the recovery of pre-existing mental health disorders in children?
  18. What are the new psychological issues surfacing due to over reliance on technology?
  19. Mental health issues in psychiatric nurses. Do they get overlooked?
  20. Mental health issues and the prison system. How can we improve the system?
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